At Dos Iguana you have access to your own comfortable guesthouse.

Because the kunuku is situated a little higher up on a slope you always have fantastic views of the rugged coast of the island and the lighthouse of “Spelonk”. The spectacle of splashing seawater against the rocky coast is never boring yet far enough not to hear the roar of the crashing waves. At Dos Iguana the first rays of the rising sun on your pillow and the sound of singing birds are the only things that will awake you in the morning.

Your 2-persons guesthouse includes a kitchen, private bathroom, and a covered outdoor area for dining and relaxing. Our convenient location makes sure there is always a cooling sea breeze in and around your residence.

The kunuku is completely eco-friendly. We are not connected to the local water and electricity facilities. Our current is generated by means of the ever-present sunshine, and our own water tanks are filled as many times as necessary, with the aid of a road tanker, which brings clean drinking water. You will therefore understand that we ask you to consciously deal with both the current and the water. Clearly a thing every nature lover will understand.

The communal facility at Dos Iguana consist of a nice refreshing pool with shower.


As you can see Dos Iguana is a wonderful holiday destination. Obviously we will always be available for you during your stay to ensure that you experience no shortcomings. We are more than willing to share our knowledge of the best places, must-do's and our enthusiasm for Bonaire with you.