We are Anita and Ferry. At the end of 2012 we emigrated from Rijsbergen

(The Netherlands) to Bonaire after Ferry was offered a job with the Dutch Caribbean Police Force. At the time Ferry was employed by the traffic-police

in the Netherlands and had a chance to switch. Because we hadn’t been to

Bonaire before we decided to pay this island a visit in the summer of 2012.

We fell in love and back in the Netherlands we started packing right away.


Anita, who had studied at the school of Tourism, started to look for a job on Bonaire immediately. So on 2nd of January 2013 we both started our new jobs

on Bonaire. Anita for three years as an office manager at the local Tourist Office and Ferry as a sergeant within the Police Force.


During our holiday on Bonaire we met the former owners of Kunuku Dos Iguana. Dos Iguana was operating as a naturist resort, but the owners wanted to enjoy their well-deserved retirement and therefore wanted to stop with the vacation rental business. They offered us the opportunity to rent one of their villas at Dos Iguana for a longer term. We liked the idea and so we made a fantastic start on this beautiful island.


In the three years that followed a lot has happened. Meanwhile, we are the owners of a part of Dos Iguana and we started again with vacation rentals. To ensure your and our security we have taken on a security team. Duña and Sivo (see photo) are ready to serve and protect us 24/7.


So again, a lovely vacation at Dos Iguana is a possibility for you. We would like to welcome you!